Courses Taught

The West in the Modern World

History of Modern Latin America

History of Modern Brazil

History of Afro-Latin America

Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

Atlantic Slave Trade Narratives

The Panama Canal: Perspectives on Labor, Politics, and the Environment

African American Mobility and Travel Abroad: From Paul Cuffee to Ta-Nehisi Coates

State Terror and the Politics of Memory in Dirty War Latin America

Historian’s Craft: Panama and the Canal

Collaborative Research with Undergraduates

2015. 2/C Midshipman Brissa Medina and 1/C Adriana Ayala researched and collaboratively wrote “Freedom of the Seas: A Dispute between Great Britain and Nicaragua, 1904-1905.”

Supervised Undergraduate Papers

Honors Theses

2019.    1/C   MIDN   Maddie Angeli, “‘Just What the Doctor Ordered’: Milton Eisenhower Reclaimed Inter-American Affairs on his 1953 Goodwill Tour” (Honors)

2018. 1/C MIDN Cullen Harper, “Colombian Anti-Narcotic Regulation, 1934-1940.” (Departmental Honors)

2014. 1/C MIDN Michael Franco’s Honor Thesis “Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America during the Cold War: The Impact of Jazz Diplomacy in Latin America, 1954-1963,” McMurtry Honors Prize.

Non-Honors Theses

2022. 3/C MIDN Jason Kaiser HH 216 Paper “Africa Was No Exception,” Jones-Huffman Prize Winner.

2021. 3/C MIDN Drew Williams HH 200 prospectus “Reimagining the Turnover of the Panama Canal,” Merrill Lewis Bartlett Award for Excellence in History.

2015. 1/C MIDN Shaquil Keels HH 486B paper, “The Slave Trade and the Importance of Slave Ship Captains.”

2015. 3/C MIDN Reilly Klein’s HH262 paper “Abolition or the Total Quest of the Slave Trade: Dahomey under King Agaja,” Merrill Lewis Bartlett Award for Excellence History.